Infragram Plant Cam and IR Lens
Infragram Plant Cam and IR Lens
Infragram Plant Cam and IR Lens
Infragram Plant Cam and IR Lens
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Infragram Plant Cam and IR Lens

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The Infragram Point & Shoot Camera with NDVI Infrared Lens allows you to take high resolution photos of visible and infrared light, producing crisp, clear false-color images of plant health you can analyze with

This lens is a standard "A" lens from a Mobius ActionCam, but it has been factory-modified to replace the IR cut filter with a red filter gel. By using this lens along with the custom whitebalance settings for your Mobius camera, you can obtain NDVI images revealing photosynthesis activity.


We offer two variants which can be found in the drop down menu at the top right of this text. One has the lens factory installed for $125, and the other has the lens by itself for $25 in the event that you already have a Mobius camera.


This lens fits into any Mobius ActionCam. Swapping it out requires a bit of manual dexterity. Assembly instructions can be found here

Allen wrench and Phillips screwdriver included.




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