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DIY Camera Mount Materials Bundle

This is a collection of items we think is generally useful for hanging a camera off of a string.

We are wanting to encourage development of some secure and effective camera mounts using available materials. We think it will be useful to have folks tinkering based on a similar bundle of materials that are readily available or easy for us to cobble together to include in future kits.

Based on materials in Chris Fastie's pendulum rig kit, and other items already on our shelves, we're hoping to inspire folks to post research notes of their own designs for camera mounts using these items:


  • Flexible PVC tubing
  • steel wire
  • bamboo chopsticks
  • 1-hole #3 rubber stopper
  • 9" lengths of birch dowel
  • zip ties
  • rubber bands
  • caribiners
  • threaded 1/4-20 nylon stud
  • 1/2" 1/4-20 thumbscrew
  • thumbtacks
  • wooden clothespin


This kit comes with no instructions, and no plan really. That's where you come in! Post your designs as research notes on our wiki, using the tag diy-mount-kit. Search for that tag to find others' designs. Over time, we can create and test designs to become part of our aerial kits.

In your notes, show us how you use these materials, and suggest additions. This materials in this kit will evolve over time. Version history can be tracked on our wiki.



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