Riffle Datalogger
Riffle Datalogger
Riffle Datalogger
Riffle Datalogger
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Riffle Datalogger

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NOTE: From 2/16 until 3/16 we will be taking riffle orders, and depending on the number of orders we receive we may be able to offer discounts for orders of 2 or more riffles. Riffles will cost no more than $60 each.

If you would like to purchase two or more dataloggers please use the drop down menu above. This is how it works: When you buy two riffles, you are guaranteed two, but -- if Public Lab reaches a price break with the manufacturer, which happens at 50 total Riffles sold -- you will receive three dataloggers. Use multiple riffles to investigate separate areas, to split the cost with friends, or to try a variety of projects! Please E-mail kits@publiclab.org after placing your order to ensure you will receive a discount should one becomes available.

We will place our manufacturing order after 3/16, and we will send you yours as soon as we can thereafter!

The Riffle Datalogger is an open source water monitoring approach. You can read more about it on our wiki

   - Designed with water quality monitoring in mind

    - Fits into a standard 500 mL plastic water bottle for a watertight enclosure

    - Compatible with Arduino Programming Interface

    - Interface with 1-wire, i2c, or Analog-to-Digital sensors

   -  Writes data to microSD card

    - Supports rechargeable Lithium Ion battery charging

    - Long battery life for multi-week deployment

    - Real time clock with built in temperature sensor

    - See wiki/riffle for more information. https://i.publiclab.org/wiki/riffle


The Riffle can be purchased by itself, or you can purchase the necessary accessories here. If you choose to purchase it by itself then it will require you to:

install a bootloader using a Sparkfun programmer cable,

purchase a microSD card,

a USB-to-MicroUSB cable,

a li-ion battery (note: international customers must buy their own batteries no matter what, as lithium ion batteries cannot be shipped via airmail).

a CR1220 clock battery