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Spectrometry Bundle

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This Spectrometry bundle contains one Desktop Spectrometry Kit and two Foldable Mini-Spectrometers.


The Public Lab Desktop Spectrometry Kit 3.0 includes all the parts for a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spectroscope or spectrophotometer. In less than 30 minutes of assembly, you can plug it into your computer with a USB cable and begin using the software and website to collect spectra -- the "fingerprint" of a material. The kit includes:

  • a diffraction grating (from a DVD-R)
  • an acetate collimation slit with easy mounting 
  • an ultra black, ultra durable, papercraft enclosure 
  • rigid and adjustable mounting board 
  • instructions and a copy of the CERN Open Hardware License
  • webcam and cable

Developed by Public Lab contributors, this open source instrument is capable of better than 3 nanometer spectral resolution and can record light from ~390 to ~900nm. Though experimental, this tool has already been used to collect spectral data on contaminated water, laundry detergent, wines, and fishtank lights. You can help to improve it and find new applications!

The Public Lab Foldable Mini-Spectrometer folds up in minutes to transform your smartphone into a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spectroscope or spectrophotometer.

This kit comes laser-cut from thick, light-blocking black card stock and includes a DVD (used as a diffraction grating), along with complete instructions for assembly, attachment to your phone or webcam, and calibration to take and share accurate spectra through Spectral Workbench. Just add glue or tape!

All PLOTS content is CC-BY-SA and CERN OHL 1.1


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