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Kite Mapping Pack

Our Kite Mapping Pack complements your Balloon Mapping Kit with two delta kites-- Gomberg's 7' (213 cm) Hi Sky Delta AND 9' (274 cm) Dazzle Delta. These kites come with four ribbon tails and a 15' (4.5m) fuzzy tail.  Tails can be used to stabilize kites in gusty and variable winds, and even to fly off-wind.  Both kites are safe to fly in 5-18mph winds (8-30kph), but two sizes let you pick the easiest kite to handle given the weather.

You can buy the kites and tail individually, or as a package bundle


Hi-Sky, Dazzle, and Fuzzy Tail all come in a variety of colors.

Some kite images contributed by Pablo Rey.


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Community Science Forum: Frac Sand

Our quarterly print publication has a new name, and a wider scope. It's now called the Community Science Forum. This issue is focused on frac sand, and in particular on the work being done in western Wisconsin by community groups concerned about air and water quality impacts of mining operations there.

Usually $5, we're offering the new issue at an experimental price of $2 plus shipping.

Event Packs

Do you have an event planned and would like to introduce Public Lab to your community? Order a $10 Event Pack with GMF and foldout maps!


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