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Papercraft Desktop Spectrometer BETA (FREE Shipping)

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The Papercraft Desktop Spectrometer is an upgrade to the standard Desktop Spectrometer 3.0. Upgrades are a novel, community driven method to instituting changes to open hardware tools. You can check out our spectrometry upgrades here. Instructions can be found here.


This product is designed to lessen the costs upon our international buyers. Domestic buyers need not purchase this and can get a Desktop Spectrometer 3.0 instead, which has been used by thousands of people over many years. Public Lab is committed to offering accessible tools, and cost is a known barrier to accessibility. It hopes to achieve lower costs by being shipped in a letter sized envelope instead of a box, and without wood or velcro. This will lower the shipping cost from 22.50 down to $8.00 (when shipped via USPS First-Class International Mail), and may lower or eliminate customs (duties) to many countries. 

Because our sales platform does not have an option for shipping in envelopes, we have incorporated the shipping costs into the price. If you need to ship via DHL or need Priority mail service, please E-mail and we will send you an invoice for the added cost

This toolkit has not been thoroughly tested and has never been shipped. It is very plausible that one or all of the components will not survive shipping in an envelope, we will need your feedback to determine this. It is also plausible that there will be issues in using this device that we could not foresee. 

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to be contacted by our kits department and leave feedback  about this upgrade. We want to be able to improve it so that we can cut the costs of our international customers by nearly 20%, possibly more. 

Every person who buys this item is asked to replicate the aforementioned upgrade activity and post their findings to so that we can all progress open science together. 

Thank you for participating in this beta test and advancing open science!


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